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Fast Recovery: Get Back on the Road After a Motorway Breakdown in Greater Manchester

Stranded on the M60, M56, M62, M66, or M67 around Manchester? A motorway breakdown can be a nightmare, but Fast Recovery & Car Transport is here to get you moving again quickly and safely. We offer a reliable motorway breakdown recovery service across Greater Manchester, 24/7.

Motorway Breakdown Recovery Advice:

Be Prepared: Keep an emergency kit in your car with essentials like a reflective jacket, warning triangle, torch, and a phone charger.

Regular Maintenance: Regular servicing can help prevent breakdowns in the first place.

If your car breaks down on the motorway, remember:

Safety First: Don't attempt repairs yourself. Pull over to the hard shoulder if possible, turn on your hazard lights, and engage your parking brake.

Move to Safety: If you can, get yourself and any passengers out of the vehicle and behind the crash barrier – stay well away from traffic.

Call for Help: National Highways is the first point of contact. Dial their emergency number on 0300 123 5000. They will assess the situation and try to keep you safe until recovery services arrive.



Call Fast Recovery & Car Transport: We can often reach you faster and get you back on the road quicker.

Why Choose Fast Recovery & Car Transport?

Motorway service stations are not equipped to deal with breakdowns on the motorway itself. They might be helpful if you manage to coast off the motorway and need basic assistance. But for a safe and efficient recovery, a dedicated breakdown service like Fast Recovery & Car Transport is the best option.


Transparent Pricing for Motorway Recovery


Motorway breakdown recovery costs can vary depending on the situation and the distance your vehicle needs to be towed. At Fast Recovery & Car Transport, we offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees.  We can even give you a free quote over the phone before dispatching a recovery vehicle